Evaluation of early maturing sugarcane clones for cane yield, its components and juice quality parameters in plant and ratoon crops.



Agricultural Research Station, Perumallapalle, Tirupati- 517 505, Andhra Pradesh, India


The performance of early maturing clones was assessed for cane yield, its components and juice quality parameters in two plant crops and ratoon crop during the year 2010-11 and 2011-12. The experiments were conducted at Agriculture Research Station, Perumallapalle, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Ten sugarcane clones in early maturity group were tested against three standard checks. Two clones viz., 2006T3 and 2006T36 were observed to be significantly superior for cane and commercial cane sugar yield and red rot resistant compared to standards Co 94008, Co 85004 and Co 6907 in the first and second plant crops. In the ratoon crop also 2006T3 and 2006T36 clones were found superior for cane and sugar yields against the standards. Juice quality traits viz., sucrose %, commercial cane sugar % and purity % of new clones viz., 2006T3 and 2006T36 were also be superior over the standard checks. Red rot screening for the clones was done by plug method for three different pathotypes that are prevalent in the zone.

KEY WORDS:  Cane yield, Juice Quality, Plant crop, Ratoon, Red Rot. Sugarcane,

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